The Converge Retirement Plan is a ministry provided to pastors and paid staff of Converge churches and districts. Our plan differs from other plans available in the marketplace because our plan provides a guaranteed monthly pension that you cannot outlive. Most other retirement plans do not provide a guarantee of future benefits. We also can provide payment of benefits as housing allowance. Other plans are not able to do this. Visit Converge Retirement Plan or call 877.482.6882.


Church Financing

Converge Cornerstone Fund assists Converge churches and affiliated ministries by providing financial resources and services that enable them to expand their ministries. In addition, Cornerstone Fund also offers competitive investment opportunities to the constituency of Converge. We offer these services:

  • Loans to Converge ministries
  • Investment options
    • Term Investments
    • Demand Investment
    • IRA’s (Traditional and Roth)
Visit Cornerstone Fund or call 877.228.8810.


  • 11002 Lake Hart Dr
  • Mail Code 200
  • Orlando, FL 32832